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18/01 Equity behind the lion's share of Industriens Pension's EUR 4.5bn return amwatch (en)
18/01 ThomasLloyd hires executive director for Nordics amwatch (en)
18/01 Norwegian FSA criticizes Odin for pricing practices amwatch (en)
18/01 Stakeholder capitalism isn't "woke," says BlackRock CEO amwatch (en)
18/01 Intech believes comeback is imminent with renewed interest after challenging years amwatch (en)
18/01 Alecta prepared to increase cat bond exposure further after two new investments amwatch (en)
18/01 Savills hires new head of client capital for Nordics from BlackRock amwatch (en)
18/01 Ninety One snatches Nordea manager for emerging markets equity team amwatch (en)
17/01 AP7 beat private fund average last year amwatch (en)
17/01 PFA says three big changes will bring better returns amwatch (en)
17/01 Banks find it difficult to meet demand for alternatives amwatch (en)
17/01 Hasselgren returns to buy-side action at Coeli: "Their ambitious goal motivated me" amwatch (en)
17/01 Danish state pension fund on investment in immature energy source: Taking risks pays off amwatch (en)
17/01 AQR cuts 60/40 forecast again and warns of "unpalatable choices" amwatch (en)
14/01 Realdania picks two managers for mission-related mandates amwatch (en)
14/01 Pensam gets below-average return in lucrative stock market year amwatch (en)
14/01 PFA Chair calls historic loss on aviation company "a highly regrettable case" amwatch (en)
14/01 LGT CP wants all emerging market investments to comply with Article 8 amwatch (en)
14/01 AP3 backs new EUR 300m impact fund amwatch (en)
14/01 Danske Invest Asset Management in Norway picks managing director from own ranks amwatch (en)
14/01 Formuepleje open to changing lucrative fee amwatch (en)
13/01 Storebrand Eiendom wants to become a "gateway to the Nordics" amwatch (en)
13/01 Nordea Liv wants to make real estate portfolio available to retail clients amwatch (en)
13/01 CIP recruits former Danish ambassador to the US amwatch (en)
13/01 SEB launches evergreen forest fund with second closing fast approaching amwatch (en)
13/01 BlackRock unveils climate funds targeting the toughest ESG clients amwatch (en)
13/01 Sweden loses its leading position to Finland in Robeco's sustainability ranking amwatch (en)
13/01 NAM's former head of real assets finds new position at Nordic infrastructure investor amwatch (en)
12/01 New CEO plans to increase manager's AUM tenfold in huge growth push amwatch (en)
12/01 Danish Pension industry wants to create more transparency through new risk calculation model amwatch (en)
12/01 Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas brace for return of currency swings amwatch (en)
12/01 Alecta takes on exposure to natural disaster risks amwatch (en)
12/01 Industriens Pension allocates historically large amount to infrastructure amwatch (en)
12/01 Oil fund's size may affect returns potential, academics suggest amwatch (en)
12/01 BlackRock cautions against rushing green transition amwatch (en)
11/01 Norwegian FSA expects firms to prepare for 2022 SFDR implementation amwatch (en)
11/01 2021 pension returns comparison finds huge disparity between top and bottom firms in Denmark amwatch (en)
11/01 Pension fund on Coloplast secrecy: Failing to release tax reports "fuels speculation that otherwise would not exist" amwatch (en)
11/01 Storebrand aims to develop new services after investing in fintech firm amwatch (en)
11/01 Nykredit aims to ramp up alternatives with retail investors as a driving force amwatch (en)
11/01 Nordea expands ESG Stars range with two US credit funds amwatch (en)
11/01 Asset managers drop lucrative fee as new guidelines bite amwatch (en)
11/01 Oil fund keeps Swiss company as ESG data provider amwatch (en)
10/01 Veteran pension CIO joins Swedish consultant's advisory board amwatch (en)
10/01 "Low-risk" investment generates biggest ever single-investment loss in pension sector history amwatch (en)
10/01 PensionDanmark calls 2021 an "excellent" year for returns amwatch (en)
10/01 Nordic pension consortium invests in biogas amwatch (en)
10/01 Catella divests remaining shares in fund business amwatch (en)
10/01 Nordea AM's new alternatives unit takes shape with triple hire amwatch (en)
10/01 Risk bubbles are deflating everywhere, some market watchers say amwatch (en)
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