RECAP: Investigating the issues of impact investing measurement

While a growing number of asset managers increasingly work to generate a social or environmental impact alongside their financial returns and ESG integration in investment strategies becomes nothing short of mainstream, cracking the code to meaningfully measure non-financial returns have proven a challenge across the industry.

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Fear of empty marketing words fostered impact principles: "Our goal has been to make impact investments scalable with integrity"

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched nine principles for impact investing in April, which were backed by 60 global asset managers. The objective was to make impact investments scalable with integrity, explains senior staffer of the World Bank division.

UNPRI board member: Bumps on the measurement road should not delay toe-dipping in growing impact ocean

As impact investing and the UN Sustainable Development Goals become as mainstream in financial vocabulary as Sharpe Ratio and price/earnings, we must keep in mind that most business activities actually have a negative impact on the SDGs.

Lost in translation: A shared lingo is required to communicate social and environmental impact to financiers

Investors and academia need a shared language to efficiently measure the social or environmental impact of an investment, argues Partner of impact advisory firm. Measuring the impact in dollar terms might be the answer.

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To get returns on the same level as other pension firms, PFA has made three big changes to its portfolio, including taking on more risk, says the firm, which doesn't fear a backlash from this year's predicted unsteady market.

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