Pension funds keep 18 banks on a watch list

Following the case of dividend taxes, Danish pension funds JØP and DIP have collaborated to make a watch list including 18 banks. However, it remains unclear what it would take for the pension funds to install real sanctions.

New pension fund CEO in pursuit of undesired portfolios

Norli Pension has recently appointed a new CEO, and one of his main duties is to lure average interest rate savings away from other pension funds. The purpose is to make operations more effective through economies of scale.

Finnish pensions assets shrank EUR 6.4bn in 2018

Finnish pension investors cut down on their allocation to Finland by some 1.3 percent point last year, figures by Finnish Pension Alliance indicate. Real estate pulled the longest straw, but the outcome still was a negative total return of 3.5 percent.

Enough is enough: Industriens Pension on excluding an entire sector

As many years of engagement seemed to lead nowhere, Industriens Pension recently divested securities worth DKK 550m and excluded 109 companies from its investment universe. The pressure from pension savers in favor of a more sustainable investment policy grows year by year, two of the fund's staffers argue.

The day the ground opened beneath Sune Schackenfeldt's feet

Schackenfeldt had everything going for him. He had broken from his "social heritage", coming from a broken home, nobody had ambitions on his behalf to ever get an enviable job in the consulting business, a beautiful wife and two small kids. And then the diagnosis came. This is a long-read portrait of CEO Sune Schackenfeldt of Danish pension fund PBU.

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