Danish pension fund joins Copenhagen Fintech

Industry organisation Copenhagen Fintech has now entered into an agreement with a pension company, and with that, its board of managers is gaining wider coverage of the financial sector. The company has already set up a specific fintech startup.

Swedish pension fund proposes raising pensions awareness in parliament

Sweden's AP3 has come up with an idea that it says would let more Swedes know about their pension system. The government’s annual evaluation of the state pension buffer funds could be elevated into a public hearing about the whole system in the country’s parliament, the Riksdag, it says.

PFA chief applauds new longevity numbers from FSA

PFA is abreast of the Danish Financial Supervisory Agency (FSA)’s guidelines and has changed the way the company estimates its customers’ future life expectancies, even though it shaves off a significant portion of the collective bonus potential.

Sweden's Alecta aims for 40 percent real estate assets boost

Already a major property investor, Sweden's largest pension company Alecta has no plans to rein in its ambitions. Chief executive Magnus Billing tells AMWatch sister-site EjendomsWatch which Nordic countries show potential, and why foreign real estate is better bought through funds and partners than.

Keva turns corner as pension payouts outweigh contributions

Finland's biggest pension fund, with more than EUR 50 billion of assets, has turned a crucial corner which puts more pressure on its investment team: Pensions paid out of the local government pension fund are set to outweigh contributions this year for the first time.

PFA will attract customers by expanding leadership

Even though PFA has the lowest expenses on the commercial pension market, the pension fund needs to be pushed even further so that more customers can be won, Group COO Jon Johnsen tells the business media Inside Business.

Norway joins international pensions ranking at high level

Norway's pension system has come under the spotlight of the sector’s top international ranking for the first time in 2017. According to the study by Mercer’s Australian subsidiary, the system is better than its counterparts in both Sweden and Finland, but falls short of Denmark's world-leading retirement income system.

Study: Norwegians are biggest Nordic users of flexible pensions

Among the Nordic countries, it is Norway that has seen the greatest use made of pensions which allow earlier or later retirement than the average age, according to research by the Finnish Centre for Pensions. Nearly 40 percent of Norwegian men now claim their pension as soon as they can.

Norway’s oil fund slams UK’s plan for sovereign-controlled IPOs

NBIM, the manager of Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund, has criticised a proposal by the UK’s financial regulator to create a new “premium listing” category for sovereign-controlled companies. The plan — which relaxes the rules this type of IPO — would be “a step back in terms of investor protection”, the Oslo-based manager says.

Industriens Pension adds derivatives to guard against halting markets

The Danish labour-market pension fund has been actively making tactical changes to its investment portfolio to protect investment gains it made over the last few years. Both equity and bond markets are set for a bout of weakness six to 12 months from now, though a real crash is unlikely, predicts Morten Kongshaug, the fund’s investment strategist.

Two-year delay for Danish engineers' pensions merger

Pension funds DIP and ISP and the IDA engineering association have failed to reach a final merger agreement, but have instead signed a letter of intent. The proposed fusion has been postponed by two years. "The direction is what matters," insists IDA's president.

Denmark targets pension funds in social investment plan

The Danish government is planning to kickstart a drive to get pension funds and other organizations investing in social purposes with DKK 50 million of public resources. It wants to involve municipalities and pension funds in helping to solve social issues. But critics say the proposal will fail to help the most vulnerable.

Swedish Church pension fund adds private equity in “uncertain world”

Carl Cederberg, CEO of Kyrkanspensionskassa, the Swedish Church Pension fund, says low interest rates mean it must take risks, so the fund is now adding alternative investments, such as unlisted shares, real estate and infrastructure to its asset mix. The fact the fund has a high level of reserves makes it possible to invest in less liquid assets, he says.

AP7 CEO ready to lead more lawsuits after Facebook victory

Sweden’s AP7 pension fund hails its part in a major victory for shareholder power, as internet giant Facebook is forced to back down on plans to issue a new voteless class of share. CEO Richard Gröttheim tells AMWatch why it’s important to go to court to be an active owner, and says his fund would do it again.

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